The Schedule


1:00 - 5:00 pm
FAITH5™ Church Leader Seminar

Join Dr. Rich and friends for an afternoon of exploring how the FAITH5™ can transform your church, one family at a time. In four hours Rich will give you step-by-step strategies to involve parents in family ministry from cradle to graduation. "We're looking for people with passion for redesigning family ministry into families DOING ministry," says Rich. "Every week in every church and every night in every home."

1:00 pm
THE FAITH5™: Rethinking Family Ministry as Families DOING Ministry Every Night in Every Home

2:30 pm
Parenting, Family Development and the FAITH5™

3:00 pm
Children's Ministry and the FAITH5™

3:30 pm
Youth Ministry and the FAITH5™

4:00 pm
Cross+Gen Arts-Based Family Worship and the FAITH5™

4:45 pm
Getting Started (without getting fired)


6:30 pm
Family Comedy Event (Free for all!)

All parents AND kids in town are invited to this fun family event. It'll be 1/2 stand-up comedy, 12% practical parenting advice, 3/4 sneaky parent recruitment and 100% just plain fun or your money back. (Oh, yeah. It's free.)

It'll be the closest thing to a parenting altar call you'll probably encounter. In the end, the majority of families in the room will commit to investing a few minutes every night for the next six weeks in these simply family faith encounters.

(PS: Bring a pillow for the pillow fight following the event and learn about the neurology, psychology, sociology and theology of combining exercise and fun with the FAITH5™ for maximum results.