What happens when God's Word is applied to the highs and lows of each day? What does it do to a child, a parent, a family to come together nightly seeking God's wisdom and will?

Click on the video below to hear Dr. Rich describe the blessings, beauty and power of raising children who look for God's guidance and direction every night in the company of those they love and trust most. 

Video Description:

Dr. Rich unveils the concept of linking your highs and lows of the day to the theme Bible verse. Putting context (your life) and text (God's Word) together--that's doing theology! (3:04)

Dr. Rich on TALK

Video Description:

Michael Diamond grew up with a physically abusive father. As a child he prayed God would make the beatings stop, but his prayers were unanswered. He gave up on God until he met Shannon. They fell in love, but she told him she couldn’t marry him unless he came back to God. They started attending church, married and tried to start a family, but experienced fertility issues. It was then that Michael’s prayer life began to deepen. “I promised God if we were blessed with a child, I’d make a commitment to raise the child the best way I could.” Soon after, they were blessed with two boys, Thomas and Patrick.

When little Patrick was diagnosed with a rare and deadly cancer. Michael, who had served on nuclear submarines in the Navy launched into a frantic research project, attending genetic conferences and talking with all the top minds in the world, searching for a cure. “Finally one day I just woke up and a sense of peace came over me,” said Michael in our video interview. “I said, ‘God, there is nothing I can do about this.’ And the sense of peace I had was almost like a drug.” Michael turned the whole situation over to God, and with prayer, the support of his church, the brilliant people at St. Jude Children’s hospital and a thousand little miracles, little Patrick is still alive today.

One Family’s Story

Watch the story of how one family practices TALK in their home.