What happens when God's Word is applied to the highs and lows of each day? What does it do to a child, a parent, a family to come together nightly seeking God's wisdom and will?

Listen to Dr. Rich describe the blessings, beauty and power of raising children who look for God's guidance and direction every night in the company of those they love and trust most. 

Then use the additional links to explore the value of connecting highs and lows to God's Word in your home tonight. 



Dr. Rich introduces the concept of linking your highs and lows of the day to the theme Bible verse. Putting context (your life) and text (God's Word) together--that's doing theology! Imagine a church where every night in every home the people of God are doing theology! You don't have to imagine it. You are creating it.

Watch - Dr. Rich on TALK


Watch the story of how one family practices TALK in their home. 

Watch - The Diamond Family


Join Christy Smith as she teaches you how to sign the song Keep These Words (Deuteronomy 6:6-9, 4-5).

Watch - Bible Theme in Song & Sign


Download weekly family resources for TALK. 

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