SHARE: One Family's Story

The Worthington Family

Laura Worthington was asleep when her husband Matt, a 6’4” 280 lbs. police officer suffering from bipolar disorder, slit her throat, then walked out to the back porch and shot himself. Everyone was stunned and shocked by the terrible power of the disease and the sad days that followed. My good friend, Pastor Scott Ness, had spoken with Matt a number of times before the incident about how much he loved his two little girls.  Laura, who loved her husband deeply, survived the attack and started counseling immediately, but knew her daughters needed something, too.

“You can’t cave,” said Laura, a women’s self-defense teacher, in a video interview I did researching this book. “You can’t wallow in self-pity. You can’t let things consume you. When everything happened with me I just thought, ‘I’ve got two little girls to deal with.’”

In a small but big way, Laura has come to see FAITH5™ as a dose of nightly therapy for her girls. “My oldest has a constant low, which is daddy passed away. At first, especially when it was very new, she would get emotional and start to cry. So I would try to bring the positive out of it, like ‘ok, but . . . think of all the good things you’ve got.’ Now that (positive) is part of our nightly routine. That’s bedtime. That’s what we do. My youngest is just now getting into it at four. It teaches them to be thankful for the good and helps them realize every day isn’t perfect . . . but that’s life.”

Laura ends each night by tracing a cross on her daughters’ foreheads. A few weeks into this, her oldest started blessing her back with a new twist. She now follows the cross symbol every night with the tracing of a heart.

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