The FAITH5™Book:
Holding Your Family Together

Video Description:

Dr. Rich Melheim discusses his book “Holding Your Family Together”.

Imagine raising a family that shared their highs and lows every night. Imagine raising a son or daughter who wouldn't go to sleep without sharing their day, asking about yours, praying for you and blessing you. Impossible? No. Improbable? Maybe. One thing is sure, a dream relationship like this can't and won't happen without intention, consistency, resolve and a plan. This book is your plan.

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What do the moms, dads, teachers and leaders who've read it say about it?


“I started reading and couldn't stop. I was captivated. The blessing chapter brought tears to my eyes and a lump to my throat as I read. I don't have grandchildren yet, but when I do, they will know that they won't leave Gramma's house without a blessing. Actually, the next time my kids come home…”
- Darla Eeten, Boyden, IA

“Great read. Creates the rationale for both highs and lows on different levels—psychological, sociological, neurological and theological. Explains the reasons why it is such a cool experience for a family and for use in youth group at church.”
- Sister Jennie Myers, Wytheville, Virginia

“The FAITH5 methods and materials, when implemented according to the way they are designed in the family, go a long way to solving the problem of Biblical literacy. Rich honors me by being my friend.”
- Dr. Tony Campolo, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, Eastern University, St. Davids, PA

“…funny… insightful… deep and heartfelt as well as humorous. This book offers a way families can reconnect with each other while returning God to the center of family life.”
- Christopher Byars, Zephyrhills, FL

“The West meets the East in Rich. Rich makes everyone he meets feel spiritually and emotionally ‘RICH’—uplifted—just as in his name. I can't wait to introduce this RICH-ness and FAITH5 to Asia!’
- Dr. B.J. Jun, Dissertation/Faculty Advisor of George Fox Evangelical Seminary/Assistant Professor of Intercultural Education/Director of International Affairs of Asian Center for Theological Studies and Missions (ACTS), Seoul, Korea

“A beautifully warm and engaging book full of hope, wisdom and experience. A ‘must read’ for anyone with a love or concern for young people and family.”
- Peter Eckermann, O’Halloran Hills, South Australia

“Gripping, frightening and compelling.”
- James Pancoast, Llano, TX

“These are some of the most exciting and effective models I’ve seen to connect the church, the home, and the Gospel. I strongly recommend the use of their “every night in every home” material.”
- Dr. Bill Easum, President, 21st Century Strategies, Inc., Www., Corpus Christi, TX

“I like the humor. I could recommend this to a parent who doesn't feel confident reading a “theology” book and sense that they'd make sense of it. I want to read it with my team at church.”
- Michelle Collins, Melbourne, FL

“I openly cried real tears and felt a spiritual uplifting deep within my soul when reading about your mother's influence on your spirituality and general development. I want to purchase it as special gifts to all my children and grandchildren.”
- Beverly A. Blackman-Mounce, Clifton, TX

“Simple, easy to follow, quick daily routines every parent must put into practice that will have a lasting impact on their children and the future generation whilst instilling godly values.”
- David Peters, CEO, Cephas Media Group, Mumbai, India.

“A great manual for changing the world one family at a time. My child now follows the creases in her daddy's forehead when she blesses him goodnight!”
- Patti Morlock, Reynoldsburg, OH

“I talked with my husband about changing our nighttime routine to include the FAITH5."
- Paula Johnson, Pawleys Island, SC

“More families could use this in our day of self-centeredness, greed and angst.”
- Chris Calhoun, Indiana, PA

“I think ‘Step 3 - Talk’ is titled very incorrectly. It should be called ‘How to save your children from 35 years of trouble, heartache, frustration, and therapy, by starting them on their family of origin work now, rather than helping them maintain their emotional distance all the way until after you are dead.’”
- Lyle Snyder, Tyler, MN

“As a retired teacher, I really liked the science behind each of the FAITH5 topic areas. This gives validity to the 5 ‘enrichual’ faith practices. Interesting to understand how God has put us together and how we can benefit by using it correctly.”
- Becky Marchiando, Aurora, IL

“Who knew how much cutting-edge brain science has to say about how faith develops? Melheim makes ‘brain rules’ accessible to parents trying to pass on the faith. He weaves brain science, solid theology and the experiences of thousands of people into cogent thinking on creating a faith-incubating environment in your home and mine.”
- Dana Peterson, Ft. Collins, CO

“This will make a great book study to do with many different groups at the church. The section on a ‘Word of Caution’ (Step 1: Sharing Lows) was very helpful, as was the neurological differences between boys and girls in when it comes to talking and sharing emotions. I also appreciated the acknowledgement of absent parents.”
- Krista L. Henning-Ferkin, Libertyville, IL

“Exceptional research! Your ‘The Mass, the Mess, the Message and the Massage’ (Step 2: Read) will hit parents right between the eyes.’ This book will be an incredible gift to the advancement of God's Kingdom.”
- Rod Pasch, Slidel, LA

“The stuff about holographs and the future in ‘Tech Talk of Tomorrow’ (Step 3: Talk) scares the beegeebers out of me. This has given me so much to think about. I'm excited about using it as a resource for families in my congregation, at home with my husband, and to give it to nieces and nephews as they begin having families of their own.”
- Kris Franke Hill, San Antonio, TX

“The stuff of blessing really spoke to me. I have an adopted daughter who is prone to rages like the couple you write about in ‘Max to the Max’ (Step 5: Bless) and had been doing a nightly blessing with her. I would say, ‘You are God's child. I love you. I'll see you in the morning.’ We kind of drifted as she entered middle school. Reading this chapter has caused me to start it again. I also used the blessing in my sermon at my mother's memorial service. It gave me an anchor and a way of saying I will hold fast and trust God's promises.”
- Dave Hall, Sidney, NE

“There are too few effective tools to bring the faith to where life is lived, day by day. These methods, videos, and Scriptures set to song encourage at home experiences that are enjoyed by parents and children alike. The great truths of the faith come alive through these encouraging methods.”
- Dr. Carl George, author, parish analyst and church growth consultant, META Church

“Rich’s love and concern for wholesome families is evident in his writings and I highly recommend this book.”
- Rev. Dr. C.D. Jebasingh, Founder & President, Galilean International, Mumbai, India.

“Melheim is a dynamic, brilliant analyst and communicator who opens hearts and minds of children, families and everyone he meets to greater Truth, wisdom and understanding. I recommend Rich and his writings for all of us who want to understand life better and grow in wisdom, knowledge and discernment.”
- Dr. Ted Baehr, Founder and CEO,, Hollywood, CA