Explore the power of God's Word. How might including Bible stories in the bedtime routine enrich a child's faith, emotional health and spiritual imagination?

Click the link below to hear what Dr. Rich has to say about how the wisdom, depth and wonder of God's Word can enrich your family time each night. 

Then use the additional links to explore the value of reading a Bible verse or story in your home tonight. 



Dr. Rich introduces the importance of reading to a child, and the beauty and power of placing God's Word at the center of a family's conversations every night.

Watch - Dr. Rich on READ


Watch the story of how one family practices READ in their home. 

Watch - The Gillund Family


Join Christy Smith as she teaches you how to sign the song Word in My Heart (Psalm 119:9, 11, 105, 122:1)

Watch - Bible Theme in Song & Sign


Download weekly family resources for READ. 

Download - Weekly Family Resources