What happens when people pray? How does prayer change the situation? How does prayer change you? What happens to children who grow up with their highs and lows brought to God in prayer every night of their lives? What happens to children who grow up praying for their parents?

Listen to Dr. Rich discuss the power of prayer at the core of the nightly ritual.

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Dr. Rich discusses a simple method to take the highs and lows of the day to God in prayer: 1) Thank and praise Jesus for the highs; 2) Ask the Holy Spirit's help with the lows; 3) Close in Jesus' name. (3:08)

Dr. Rich on PRAY

Video Description:

Theresa Ogden is a single mom raising two teens, Michael and Cierra. A few years ago this army veteran “adopted” a stray white kid who wandered into a church supper. When Patrick said he didn’t have anyone to share highs and lows within his own home, she invited him to be part of their nightly enrichuals. Today Patrick either finds a way to get to Theresa’s house or Skype's-in every night if he can’t physically be there for FAITH5™. He won’t miss it.

Theresa was a little apprehensive about doing FAITH5™ in the beginning. “I thought, ‘They’re too old. They’re not going to want to do this.’ But one night I went to bed and they woke me up. ‘Hey! We didn’t do our FAITH5™!’” Theresa sees communication deepening with her “three kids” because of the practices. “It’s been wonderful. I have really noticed the difference between ‘How was your day?—‘Fine . . .’ and ‘What did you do in school?’—‘I don’t remember.’ Now we ask ‘What was the best part and worst part of your day?’ and the next thing you know the waterfall comes out. I ask further: ‘What happened in the last 24 hours that you felt Jesus in your life?’ A day hasn’t gone by that one of the kids hasn’t had the opportunity to say how Jesus has affected them. Even if it’s just ‘I woke up’ they realize how Jesus was in their life. It’s helped us to really be able to relate to each other. As a single mom, it’s nice to know when I bring out my low, the kids are praying for it. Filling them in on the little bits and pieces that are kind of weighing me down has really allowed them to lift me up. It’s been really cool.” “As my kids got older, I was kind of afraid of them pulling away,” said Theresa while showing a cell phone photo of her military life in khakis with an M16. “But not now.”

One Family’s Story

Watch the story of how one family practices PRAY in their home.