The FAITH5™ Course:
Holding Your Family Together

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This fun and engaging 6-session resource creates the home as a church, and the church as a home.

Over 6 weeks, it will help you take your small group, large group or entire church through the 5 simple steps of connecting church to home every night.

It will equip leaders and families with the tools and know-how to implement FAITH5 into the core of their nightly family bedtime routine, and at the core of the congregational children, youth and family faith formation strategy.


Resources include:

1 Video Teaching DVD with:

  • 6 Theme Songs in music and American Sign Language (ASL)

  • 21 Video Teaching Segments by Dr. Rich Melheim, creator of FAITH5

  • 6 Family Stories of households who tested FAITH5 for six weeks

1 Course CD-ROM with:

  • 6 PowerPoint Presentations with step-by-step instructions for easy leading

  • 6 Themesong Lead Sheets and Piano Scores

  • 6Family Art Projects

  • 7 Bulletin Inserts

  • 7 Promotional Posters

  • 7 Invitational Postcards

1 Sample Copy of the 11 x 17 HYFT Course Workbook
(One book per participant is recommended)

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  • Discussion Questions with space for writing and discussing thoughts during the teaching session

  • Video Links to Bible Songs and American Sign Language (ASL)

  • Video Links to online teaching by Dr. Rich Melheim

  • Video Links to Family Faith Stories from households who tested FAITH5 for 6 weeks

  • Advanced Research on FAITH5 from the 100 City Tour

  • Home Huddle Journal for nightly recording of highs, lows, scripture, discussion, prayer and blessing

  • 24 pages, 11 x 17 (Spiral bound)

1 Sample Copy of the "Holding Your Family Together" Book: A fun and practical guide to the FAITH5
(One book per household is recommended)

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  • The psychology, sociology, neurology and theology of engaging with FAITH5 every night are discussed in this humorous and touching book

  • 84 Five-Star Reviews on Amazon (Nothing but 5 stars!)

  • Includes discussion questions for in-depth nightly family Home Huddles

  • Video Links to Bible Songs and American Sign Language (ASL)

  • Plus a year's worth of links to online Bible verses with fun and engaging songs and games

  • 240 pages, 6 x 9 (Paperback)