What happens when a child goes to sleep every night knowing they are loved, safe and blessed? What happens to children who bless their parents every night? What does blessing do to the blesser? To the blessee? To the world? 

Listen to Dr. Rich discuss the transformational power of giving and receiving a blessing every night before drifting off to sleep. 

Then use the additional links to explore the value of blessing one another in your home tonight. 



Dr. Rich Melheim discusses the beauty and power of ending each night with a word and sign of blessing. Then he closes with a call to make every night count!

Watch - Dr. Rich on BLESS


Watch the story of how one family practices BLESS in their home. 

Watch - Pastor Ray


Join Christy Smith as she teaches you how to sign the song

Watch - Bible Theme in Song & Sign 


Download weekly family resources for BLESS. 

Download - Weekly Family Resources